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Students of the RSATU participated in the International Youth Science Conference “XLV Gagarin Reading”

On April 16 – 19, 2019, the International Youth Science Conference «XLV Gagarinsky Readings» was held at the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University). As part of the scientific programme of the conference, more than 40 thematic sessions were held in nine topical areas of aviation and space development.

RSATU team on «Gagarin readings»:


  • Mashaposhnikova, A.P. student r. KRB1-17
  • Klotchkov K.A. student gr. KRB1-17
  • Ilyin E.A. student gr. KRB1-15
  • Shovel S.A. student gr. SKB-15
  • Melnova, E.P. student gr. SKB-15
  • Nebova A.A. student gr. UKM-18
  • Frying pan E.A. student gr. TBEB-15
  • Zivirhin M.L. Postgraduate Student Caf. AD
  • Osokina E.S. postgraduate c. AD
  • Kononova V.V. Postgraduate Student C. AD
  • Kharchenko R.V. postgraduate c. AD