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P.A. Solovyov RSATU students and college students from Rybinsk city celebrated World Health Day.

For the third consecutive year RSATU and the University Sports Club have invited their fellow students from educational institutions in the city of Rybinsk to celebrate World Health Day.

On April 5, students of Rybinsk Aviation College, Rybinsk Vocational Teachers College, Rybinsk Polygraphy College, Rybinsk Medical College and cadets of Rybinsk River School joined us in the gymnasium of the Sport Corps. The traditional health marathon began with the exercise, which was conducted by university students (volunteers of the Student Council) under the motto «Sport and movement – life!». The most active and energetic were the students of the Rybinsk Vocational and Pedagogical College, the Rybinsk Medical College and the cadets of the Rybinsk River School.


After charging the participating teams were able to shine with erudition, answering the quiz questions on knowledge of flora and fauna of the Yaroslavl region. Then came the sports block, which included 6 relay stages, with the characteristic elements of basketball, football, and hockey. The stages called «Serpent» and «Friendly Team» became a test of compatibility and unity of team members.


As a result, the prizes were distributed as follows:

  • 1st place team of Rybinsk Vocational and Pedagogical College;
  • 2nd place team of Rybinsk Polygraphic College;
  • 3rd place of cadets of Rybinsk River School.