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Open Meeting on “Prospects for Technical Higher Education in Rybinsk”

Prospects for technical higher education in Rybinsk. This was the main theme of the open meeting held on 11 March at the “Boiling point” site of the RSATU. The event was attended by representatives of all schools in the city, the management of the university and the Department of Education.

The industry of the 21st century imposes special requirements on graduates of higher education institutions in order to solve the knowledge-intensive tasks of creating promising technology. P.A. Solovyov’s RSATU has a lot to offer in that regard. Close association with leading enterprises of the region, developed educational environment, successful solution of scientific problems in the sphere of critical technologies of aviation industry – all this will allow the student to become a competitive specialist. Of particular interest is the new type of training, the Network Master Course, in which a student is an employee of an enterprise with not only significant work experience but also a salary. Being integrated into the modern industrial environment, he is able to gain the necessary career experience more quickly.