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Faculty of Aviatechnologies

The faculty has its history since the creation of the evening institute in Rybinsk in 1955. Then it had the name of the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology. The faculty conducted training for engineering personnel in two specialties: “Mechanical Engineering”, “Metal-cutting machines and tools.” In 1959, engineers began training in the specialty “Technology of metal forming.”

Since 1993, the faculty has a modern name – Aviatechnological.

Currently, the faculty provides training in two major educational programs: undergraduate and master’s program.

The field of the professional activity of bachelors in this area of training includes sections of science engineering, containing a set of tools, techniques, methods, and methods of human activity aimed at creating competitive engineering products and based on the use of modern methods and design tools, mathematical, physical and computer modeling of technological processes.

In accordance with the profile of training, a graduate can carry out professional activities as a bachelor in industrial enterprises, design offices, research organizations.

The areas of the professional activity of bachelors are:

  • production and technological activities;
  • organizational and management activities;
  • research activities;
  • design activity,

which are related to:

  • engineering production facilities;
  • technological equipment, equipment, means of mechanization and automation of technological processes of mechanical engineering;
  • production processes, their development, and development of new technologies;
  • means of information, metrology, diagnostic and management support of technological systems to achieve the quality of the products;
  • standardization and certification systems, regulatory and technological documentation;
  • methods and means of testing, quality control engineering products.

The faculty includes the following departments:

  • Department of Aviation Engines and General Engineering
  • Department of Mechatronic Systems and Forming Processes named after S.S. Silin
  • Department of Theoretical Mechanics and Resistance of Materials
  • Department of Basic Engineering Machines