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Faculty of Aviatechnologies

Faculty traces its history since inception in Rybinsk evening institute in 1955. Then he had the name of Mechanical Engineering Department. The faculty were trained engineering personnel in two specialties: “Mechanical Engineering”, “Metal-cutting machines and tools”. In 1959 he began training engineers in specialty “metal processing technology pressure.” Since 1993, the Faculty is the modern name – Aviatehnologichesky.
Currently on the faculty are trained in two basic educational standards (PLO) undergraduate, a graduate of the PLO and the PLO the same training.
PLO undergraduate towards training
151900 Design and technological support of machine-building production
(Qualification “bachelor”)
The area of ​​professional activity of bachelors on the direction of training includes:
a set of tools, techniques and methods of operation, aimed at creating a competitive engineering products, improving national technological environment;
study, design, implementation and monitoring of the rules, regulations and requirements of engineering products of various official purposes, its production technology and quality assurance;
the development of new and improvement of existing technological processes of manufacture of products of machine-building production, the means of their equipment;
the creation of new and the use of modern means of automation, design methods, mathematical, physical and computer modeling of technological processes and engineering industries;
providing a highly efficient operation of technological processes engineering industries, their means of technological equipment, automation, control, monitoring, diagnostics, and product testing, market research in the field of engineering and technological support of machine-building production.
In some places of the professional activity of the graduate may be engineering, machine tool, tool factories, repair machine building enterprises, design and research organizations for machine building.
The faculty training following profiles are implemented:
Mechanical Engineering Technology;
Mechanical machines and systems.
Regulatory OOP development time for ongoing learning modes:
full-time – 4 years;
accelerated – 3 years;
part-time – 5 years.