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Faculty of Aeroengines

Faculty aeroengine founded in 1955. Until 1993 was called aviamehanicheskogo. For a long time produced only engineers for aircraft engine, but in the 90 years added to them such directions and specialty training as a foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals, materials science and technology of new materials, metallurgy, welding engineering, internal combustion engines.
Engineering specialty “Aircraft engines and power plants,” contributes to the development of aviation, rocketry and astronautics, who, as a clear reflection of technological progress, determine the level of economic development of any civilized country of the world. The engineers of this profile is carried out the development of new aerospace technology and test technology training and support for new and batch production, so they are successfully working in the structures of the settlement – the research, design, testing and technological preparation of production of aerospace engineering, as well as service production. Faculty aeroengine
Direction Bachelor “Technical Physics” and engineering specialty “Thermophysics” comprehensive study aspects of Applied Physics, which forms the foundation of general engineering training, and theoretical basis of engineering practice. Now there is no research that would not come into contact with its ideas and laws. These fields and professions require such training of students, which provides the most optimal system of knowledge in various fields of technical applications of physics and mathematics. Graduates work as calculators – researchers in the design organizations of teachers or exact sciences (physics, mathematics) in educational institutions.
The widespread use of a variety of materials, and modern technological processes of production of castings in various branches of engineering requires training of professionals – materials scientists and technologists – casters. It is focused on the direction of Bachelor “Materials Science and Technology of New Materials” and engineering specialty “Materials Science and Technology of New Materials”, “Foundry of ferrous and non-ferrous metals”.
Graduates of-materials scientists are working on the factory floor, research laboratories, engineering departments and offices of various engineering positions related to the development and implementation of technological processes of processing of materials, for quality control of materials and products, as well as the implementation of research of material properties.
Graduates-casters find application of their knowledge in the experimental scientific issledovaelskih laboratories to determine the chemical composition, structure and properties of alloys in the laboratory of physical methods of nondestructive testing, casting and heat treatment in departments of engineering and metallurgical plants. Students who have a penchant for the visual arts, receive additional training in the production of shaped castings of art, as well as household and artistic ceramics. This allows their employment in the restoration and art workshops, small enterprises and firms of artistic-executive profile.
Almost all industries welding production is an integral and mandatory part of the overall process of manufacturing products of the process. By welding, and soldering the connection is separate parts in general construction products, or aggregates of machines. Especially widely technological operations of welding and soldering are used in the manufacture of complex, basic and large structures. Should we therefore once again speak of demand for engineering specialty “Metallurgy of welding production”, whose graduates work at machine-building enterprises in parts of the chief metallurgist, technical control, metallographic and research laboratories, as well as small businesses and workshops where carried out technological operations of welding , brazing, plating, sputtering surface.
Graduate Departments of the Faculty:

  • Department of aircraft engines
  • Department of Technology of aircraft engines, general machinery
  • Department of Materials, casting, welding
  • Department of General and Technical Physics